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Immigration Panel

Immigration Panel

Dr. Gulcan Onel

Dr. Onel’s research and teaching programs focus on the areas of agricultural demand analysis; farm labor and rural well-being; and econometrics.

Dr. Onel’s research in agricultural demand analysis contributes to the understanding of how market frictions and economic policies affect demand for agricultural commodities and inputs. Her second area of research explores immigration trends affecting farm labor availability and rural well-being to inform policy and stakeholder decision-making.

Dr. Onel has led and taken part in interdisciplinary research projects with experts ranging across disciplines to develop solutions for Florida’s agricultural sector. She was recognized nationally in 2018 with the ‘Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Award’ for her interdisciplinary approach to research on the health and well-being of Florida’s farm communities.

Lupe Gonzalo

Lupe Gonzalo is a staff member and leader of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). Ms. Gonzalo is a farmworker herself, with over 12 years of experience working in the fields of Florida. As part of the Fair Food Program, Ms. Gonzalo and her colleagues conduct worker-to-worker education sessions on human rights in the fields on all farms participating in the Program. Ms. Gonzalo’s work at the CIW includes hosting daily radio shows on the CIW’s low-power community FM radio station, leading the weekly women’s group meetings, receiving complaints of abuses in the fields, managing wage theft claims, and investigating cases of sexual violence and modern-day slavery.  Finally, Ms. Gonzalo represents the CIW at a national level, speaking publicly on the challenges faced by farmworkers in Florida, both during major demonstrations with thousands of consumers and in dozens of presentations throughout the year.

Uriel Perez

Translator and works with Fair Food Alliance