Future of Florida Summit
2024 Organizing Committee Information

2024 Organizing Committee Information

Applications are currently closed.

The FOF Summit is developed in collaboration with the Bob Graham Center Faculty and Staff. All roles include working with the Center team, as well as the FOF Summit Logistics Committee. Look below for more information about joining the organizing committee, and if interested, the additional responsibilities of being a director.

Committee member positions require a minimum 2-8 hours per week with a heavier workload in Spring. 

  • Attend all Future of Florida Summit (FOF) organizing committee meetings. This includes:
    • Three all-committee virtual meetings in May, June, July 
    • Weekly meetings during the 2023-2024 academic semesters
    • Onboarding prep meetings in March and April
  • Prepare for, staff, and attend the 2024 in-person Summit from February 9-11, 2024 and the Policy Prep Summit on Sunday, February 4, 2024
  • Actively participate in developing program materials for the Summit
  • Work collaboratively with committee members to execute a successful Summit
  • Contribute to the final report on the Summit

Specific Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Research Team

  • Research and develop the breakout topics for the Summit theme by the beginning of Fall 2023
  • Work with the Graham Center faculty and staff, research and identify potential keynote speakers and panelists..
  • Serve as moderators for panel discussions during the Summit. This includes
    • Attending moderator training
    • Developing panel questions
  • Draft background guides on the respective breakout panel topics. for participants
  • Develop and execute the post-Summit exit survey
  • Research speakers relevant to the respective panels

Public Relations Team

  • Draft the Summit marketing plan to market to all Florida universities
  • Develop and create content to promote the Summit
  • Oversee the functionality and development of the FOF website, including maintaining and refreshing content from the 2023 Summit and promoting the 2024 Summit. 
  • Oversee the development and execution of FOF-related social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Develop and maintain a database of points of contacts at public and private Florida state universities and colleges
  • Proficiency with Canva, WordPress, and social media, as well as overall graphic design or video creation and editing experience, is recommended but not required

Summit Logistics Team

The Summit Logistics Team will primarily work under the Vice Chair

  • Identify and coordinate all venue-related logistics for the Summit, including event space, meeting space, and hotel blocks
  • Identify and coordinate catering for the three-day Summit
  • Work with the Chair and Vice Chair to develop the production schedule
  • Work with PR team to develop an onsite marketing and signage plan for the weekend of the Summit

ALL committee members are expected to staff and attend the weekend-long  Summit. Successful candidates will have a can-do attitude and value teamwork and collaboration. 

Director Roles and Responsibilities

All directors are responsible for leading and maintaining oversight of their teams. This position requires a minimum of 6-7 hours per week throughout the year, which will likely increase to 10-12 the spring semester. Below are some specific responsibilities (in addition to the ones listed above) that a director will need to fulfill.

Directors are the first point of contact regarding their team’s deadlines and workload. Part of their responsibilities include constant communication with the Chair.

Vice Chair & Director of Summit Logistics

  • Serve as the point person for the Summit Logistics Team to establish the vision and flow of the weekend Summit, coordinating with the other committees and the Chair
  • As direct head of the Summit Logistics Team, the Vice Chair will be responsible for assigning and overseeing the responsibilities of coordinating catering, hotel accommodations, venue reservations, and overall logistics for the Summit
  • Oversee procurement and management of decorations, centerpieces, banners, etc.
  • Oversee the development of the production schedule for the Summit Weekend
  • Assist the Chair with all needed responsibilities
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Chair and the BGC Staff and Faculty

Director of Research

  • Lead the Research team in the development of panel questions, background guides, and breakout topics
    • The Director will be responsible for editing these documents prior to showing them to the Chair
  • Responsible for guiding the Research team’s efforts in finding speakers
    • This will require working in partnership with BGC faculty and the Chair. The Director must be comfortable in reaching out to experts for recommendations as this job requires more than internet-based research.
  • Create, maintain and manage the list of Summit speakers. This includes maintaining contact information, biographical info and coordinating their travel or lodging if needed.

Director of Public Relations

  • Develop and maintain the FOF marketing plan amongst Florida universities and colleges
    • This includes responsibility for our Linkedin, as we begin to develop an alumni network
  • Lead the PR Team in the creation and posting of graphics, videos, and promo materials
  • Assign responsibility for the various FOF social medias amongst their team
  • Proficiency with Canva, WordPress, or social media required

Please contact FOF-GrahamCenter@ufl.edu with any questions about the application process or Summit.