Future of Florida Summit
About the Summit

About the Summit

After participating in Harvard’s Institute of Politics National Campaign Conference, six UF students decided to create a similar public policy summit centered on Florida public policy. The idea was to have students from different Florida institutions come together for a weekend of meaningful discussion and collaboration on some of our generation’s most pressing issues. The goals of the Summit for the participants were determined to be:

  • Meet and network with engaged students from around the state
  • Participate in meaningful conversation and debate about a critical public policy issue(s) in higher education in a small group setting
  • Develop a professional and persuasive policy proposal
  • Bring the small group policy proposals to the larger group for debate on their validity
  • Develop a strategy to continue the discussion to develop and implement a long-term action plan


2015 – Online Voter Registration in Florida

2016 – Lobbying and Advocacy

2017 – Constitutional Revision Commission

2018 – Future of Florida’s Environment

2019 – Technology and Public Policy

2020 – Criminal Justice Reform

2021 – Healthcare Policy

2022 – Economic Policy

2023 – Education Policy K-12